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Group shows Artists in Residence Pilotenküche Leipzig 2019




            Pilotenküche // Round 41 Alte Handelsschule Leipzig 75   Mirjam Bürer: Grout is the thin mortar used for holding spaces. The multiplicity of narratives, materials and layering reveals unexpected treasures in the uniform industrial buildings of Europe. The grey pigment of urban living will find its way on the “green Lungs” of the city Leipzig. The cadres are forming new places to fill memories and identities from communal habitation  










Group show / Artists in Residence PILOTENKUECHE

Franz-Fleming-Straße 9 Leipzig

Mirjam Bürer: The perception and interpretation of personal space and spaces is an ongoing project. In this piece “the green lungs of Leipzig” reveal parts of a layered and fractured public and private space. This layering is reflected within the visual and auditory glimpses of urban architecture, the music we play and hear and the soundscapes of the “natural world”. Our intentions and unique identities are revealed to others in the dream spaces we construct, special objects and the traces of quotidian movements between the different facets of our urban lives. Instalatie / projectie the Green Lungs of Leipzig Kleingärten collage A3 x 18 pieces

audio: drum Einfach Sachs edit: Martin Rebaza


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Group shows Artists in Residence Pilotenküche Leipzig