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Roemah Baroe

About the project

Roemahbaroe, or ‘new home’, is set in a traditional kampong in 2011 in Yogyakarta, cultural heart of Java with a vibrant artist community. There Bürer aims to provide a space for sharing ideas, create dialogue and discourse, interaction and artistic cross-overs between herself, artists-resident and local artists. Always looking for diversity as source of inspiration, she created a specific space – a home, an intimate centre stage – as the base for different projects.

The coming years Roemahbaroe will be used for a variety of activities: a place for Bürer herself, where she can research her own artistic development, a place for artists-resident to stay, get-togethers of artists to interconnect, share, discuss and relate to each other’s work, thus creating a true artist space as an addition to other forms of art spaces.

Next to the presentations and activities at Roemahbaroe itself, the revenue of the projects will be assembled in a publication to capture an insight into as well as a reflection on the creative processes taking place over time.