All ideas streamlined into a single flow of creativity. Smiltė.

LA offices

Beauty Case

About the project

I use and see the form as a metaphor for a portable exchangeable space, which I already know or have been in my dreams or that I am looking for.

I work in layers over each other, in text and image. Layering creates surprises but also creates new spaces.

I also ask open questions in the form of text to others and myself.

It has to do with my search for where I am compared to the other; such as ‘Hey let’s draw together,’ ‘I’m open’.

It is a way of reflecting and wondering about my position here, in my studio, but especially beyond. They can be seen as a kind of personal diary, but can also fulfill that function for the spectator.

This works presented in ArtJog 14 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.